How to SUP with your dog

Learn how to paddleboard with your dog!

Ever wonder how to paddleboard with your dog? We recently brought a camera along with our wood paddleboards on a trip to East Austin to show you how to SUP with your pup Follow these 4 steps and you too will be paddleboarding with your dog in no time!

1. Acclimation - Get your dog acclimated with your paddleboard by placing the sup in your dog's normal environment for a few days. The idea is for the dog to explore and discover the paddleboard on their own.

2. Dry run - Grab your dog's favorite treats and stand on your board in the environment where it has been for the last few days. Encourage them to stand on the board with you and give them a treat when they sit. 

3. Head to the water - Take your dog to the water with their life jacket on, if needed.  In shallow water, sit on your board and continue to reward them with treats when they sit on the board with you. 

4. Paddle away - Once your dog is comfortable sitting on the board in the water with you, start paddling in a kneeling position. Once you and your dog get the hang of it stand up and enjoy the ride!  If your dog is out of control like mine then they may jump in the water once or twice to chase a fish,  but thats part of the fun! Eventually they will become accustomed to paddling and you both will love the time on the water together. 

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