What happens if I fall off my SUP?

Whenever I meet people that have never tried stand up paddle boarding before one of the first things allot of people say is, "I'm afraid to try it, I might not be any good. What happens if I fall"? 

You'll get wet and your hair will get messed up, thats what will happen! Worst case scenario you drown trying something new. 

All joking aside. One of the reasons paddle boarding has become so popular in Austin is that with the right gear it isn't nearly as difficult as one might suspect. Newer paddlers will generally want to start out on a wider higher volume board on calm flat water. Make sure you wear your life jacket and you'll be fine. And if you do fall, which is probably going to happen at least once, its super easy to get back on. 

Don't believe its as easy as we make it sound? Join us for a demo or follow our events page as we will begin hosting regular paddle board demo days this summer if you want to try paddle boarding in Austin, TX. 

 Paddleboarding in Austin, TX

Paddleboarding in Austin, TX

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