Paddle board Review

With the recent release of our 2015 designs we want to review each wood SUP to help users choose which wood paddle board may be right for them. While today's review primarily focusses on our designs, these concepts can help any new paddle boarder figure out how to choose the right SUP and paddle board

When reviewing any new paddle board, there are many factors that go into the decision but they can be simplified into three main areas. These three factors will help answer the questions of how big, what type of hull shape, how much volume and more. 

  • Primary water conditions 
  • Rider size
  • Rider skill


This is the shortest wood sup in our lineup and due to its added rocker, it makes a great surf SUP for the paddler weighing up to 175 pounds. It's not just confined to the surf, however. This board makes a great all-around wood paddle board and is quite stable for lighter to intermediate weight paddlers in the 105 to 150 pound range. 

The Pecos is 9'4" long with an average weight of only 24 pounds!



 When we designed this wood SUP we wanted a board that an intermediate weight paddler could use anywhere in the State. Want to catch some waves at Bob Hall pier or in South Padre? Sure. More intereted in lounging with friends and your pup on Lady Bird Lake in Ausitn? Why not? How about exploring Caddo lake or camping along Big Bend? Absolutely! 

In other words if you are in the 125 to 190+ pound range and want a board that you can take everywhere then this is your board. 

The Frio is 10'4" long with an average weight of only 27 pounds!


The Guadalupe is the most stable board in our 2015 lineup. Because of its stability, it is a great board for those wanting to break into the sport of standup paddle boarding. This wood SUP isn't just for beginners, however; the stable platform makes it great for SUP yoga, touring, paddle boarding with your dog, or just relaxing with friends and family. Despite its higher volume and added width, it has enough nose and tail rocker to catch smaller waves quite well.

he Guadalupe measures 11'4" long with and average weight of only 29 pounds!



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