Stand up paddle on the Colorado River

In case you haven’t noticed, we are huge fans of Austin.  Running through the heart of the city connecting East and West Austin is the Colorado River.  A trip down the river highlights the diversity and beauty of this town as it flows from West to East. The West side is flanked by amazing million dollar homes and vertical limestone cliffs. As it continues through downtown Central Austin it is flanked by condos, great nightlife and the ever popular hike and bike trail.  And then, there is the East side.  This section of the river has largely escaped development and feels more like remote Amazon than central Texas despite being only fifteen minutes from downtown.  Here you won’t see any condos or homes but you will find secret beaches, no crowds and an abundance of wildlife. This is where you come when you want to reconnect with nature.  Obviously were biased, but we’d be hard pressed to find a better way to reconnect with nature than paddling a wood SUP on this stretch of the river.

We recently took our camera along to snap a few pictures during one of our test paddles on this section of the river. Wanna explore this section of the river in person? Drop us an email and let’s go for a paddle on an Austin made wood SUP. 

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