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The Brazos is our latest addition to the paddle board family. It was designed from the ground up as a fishing paddle board, and for paddlers weighing more than 200 pounds who want increased stability.  We've outfitted this board with  seven strategically placed Ram Mounts so that users can customize their board to fit their paddling style. Now you can outfit your board with a GPS, rod holders, cup holders, coolers, and more. If you plan to use your wood SUP for fishing and fitness, or are looking for the most stable board that we make, then consider this your paddle board.

This board works exceptionally well on lakes, rivers, and ocean bays. Like all of our boards, this paddle board has a durable, maintenance-free gloss finish, and is individually handcrafted in Austin, TX. In addition, it features details such as an ergonomic leather carrying handle, maintenance-free Gore-tex vents, leash loop, and the industry leading tool-less FCS II fin system. 

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...the result is a board that’s both fast and stable, ideal for beginners, capable enough for avid paddlers, and worthy of display when you’re back on land.
— Uncrate Magazine
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